One of the consequences of the GFC is a volatility in the employment markets.

You chat with ex colleagues and friends pursuing employment opportunities in project management and they all share a common theme. They view job ads, find jobs  they believe to fit their skill set and  experience, and they submit their CV and a cover letter to the employment agency.

If they are lucky they will receive an automated reply telling them how much the agency appreciates the time they have taken to respond. It will also advice them that their privacy and personal information are safe and (short of the NSA) will not be revealed to a third-party without their explicit confirmation and authorization. And then….absolutely nothing.

The on-going squeeze in the employment market place means that the demand outstrips the supply by an order of magnitude. Agencies are being flooded by a substantial number of inquiries and are forced to go through a quick process of culling in order to respond quickly to employment demands. As they go through this process they, most often than not, only deal with the short listed candidates and toss away those not fit for purpose. Great if you are short listed. If you are not short listed, you wait wondering whether your application has even seen the light of day. The lack of acknowledgement or a courteous advice of rejection is glaringly missing.

Employment agencies code of conduct should include a commitment to respond to each and every query. It is not a matter of doing people a favor but rather a matter of fulfillment of an obligation to treat people with respect. It will mean that they acknowledge not just the value of making money but also the value of treating people with dignity.

Think about it!

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  1. Shim,

    The behavior is the same up here. A couple more things to think about:

    1. Some companies probably advertise some inexistent positions to make people believe that they are thriving. Dead giveaway, a position that does not get filled after 6 months is this economy.

    2. Automated resume systems that grade people agains buzzwords. If you don’t pack your resume with the proper buzzwords, you get filtered out.

    3. People that apply on every position regardless of their abilities because their is not cost to oing so. Good candidates get lost in the melee.

    Add to that ageism, anti-veteran sentiments, etc. and it gets real nasty, real fast


    • Pat, agree. Similar observations down-under. Still, I would have liked these agencies to exercise professionalism and treat people with respect. From my perspective it is part of their job.

      Cheers, Shim.


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