Over the past couple of weeks I have been in touch with dozens of project management related bloggers to organize the first ever coordinated blogging flashmob.

The idea is to have a large number of bloggers post an article, in their respective blogs, on the same agreed theme and have them all publish their post at the same date and time.

The theme selected  is “What does project management mean to me – a Project Manager’s sermon” and at the time of writing this post 48 bloggers have already signed-in to this idea.

The image of a sermon was chosen deliberately. It represents an oral delivery where the content is expected to be genuine, convincing, rational and emotional – all required in order to capture the imagination of, and captivate, the audience.

Publication date has now been set to 25/09/2013 @ 01:00GMT and posts will be tagged on social media with #pmFlashBlog.

The list of blogs currently committed to this project is shown below:

Shim Marom Shim Marom
70 items   9 followers   2 votes   4.93k views

pmFlashBlog Contributors

This is the list of blogs who have committed to join in to the pmFlashBlog initiative.

The list is now closed and no new entries would now be accepted.

*Following the release date (25th Sep) the list will be updated again and blogs who have not released a #pmFlashBlog related post will be removed.

Sep 18, 2013 - agileworld.blogspot.com - 838
Agile World

I am sure many of us are familiar with this message "It works on my system". I recently got the same answer not from a developer but from the customer service team of the popular loyalty card. As a card member, I couldn't login to my account and reached out the customer care team through their Twitter help service.

Sep 18, 2013 - ah-ha-moments.net - 828

My career didn't begin in project management. It took a lot of heartache and many dramatic changes to take me along that career path. Life-changing injuries from the Paddington Train Crash in 1999 drove me to become a master of reinvention and a catalyst for change in areas much further than just my personal life.

Sep 18, 2013 - anyaworksmart.com - 675

After my previous posts on Office Politics I got some very interesting reactions from readers. Many of them included the same question: How to be good at Office Politics without getting into unnecessary conflicts? In order to answer this question, we have to understand why engaging in Politics leads to conflicts initially.

Sep 18, 2013 - betterprojects.net - 866
Better Projects

I think this book by Tobias is beautifully written. There is real craftmanship in the prose here. The book is made up of independent self contained stories and reflections on various themes related to the Agile Software Development movement. Each one is a parable seeking to impart some of Tobias' wisdom onto the reader.



Sep 18, 2013 - arra-pm.com - 894

Tagged with: getting started, Initiation Posted in Business case, Planning, Project initation, Project organisation, Risk management



Sep 20, 2013 - pmpartners.co.uk - 866

Blog posts from PM-Partners. We tackle some of the leading issues within the project management industry, like training (Exam Time: More Firms Are Requiring PMP Test-Taking), consultancy (The Most Misunderstood Project Management Terms, Always a Job for a Project Manager?), and delivery.

Sep 18, 2013 - guerrillaprojectmanagement.com - 723
Blog | Guerrilla Project Management

Dan Pink shares the big ideas in his books A Whole New Mind, Drive, and To Sell is Human on the surprising truth about how to move and motivate others. Dan Pink has written three books that have changed the way I think about motivation and influence.

Sep 18, 2013 - blogramme.com - 761

In 1989 Stephen R. Covery published his seminal work "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People". It's since sold 25m printed copies, 15m audio books, and been translated into 38 languages worldwide. It remains one of the Top 25 business books today.

Sep 18, 2013 - unlikebefore.blogspot.it - 837
Change Through Action

a guest spot on with Robert Kelly and . It's as valid now as it was then so I'm republishing it to trigger thinking and maybe, just maybe, tangible change through action.

Sep 18, 2013 - commsabilities.com - 818
CommsAbilities -

It is impossible to force change on people, though so many project teams try and fail. Their natural reaction is resistance, or lip service and a return to old behaviours when the project ends. Either way, productivity falls, customer service suffers and costs escalate.

Consulting 101

When I started out my IT consulting career, I made sure to read and follow the firm's guidelines.Not that I'm a prodigious goody-two-shoes rule-follower - I can question authority with the best of them.I just wanted to make sure I did a good job and conformed to an acceptable degree.If the firm required me to wear a suit and tie, who was I to fight that?

Sep 18, 2013 - cornerstonedynamics.com - 942
CSD Blog

Thanks to Shim Marom, owner of the quantmleap project management blog for contributing this post to CSD. For the uninitiated the term Project Management might sound like an exotic, uncharted and illusive idea.


Le rendez-vous des francophones intéressés par le management de projet et le leadership

Sep 18, 2013 - pi3cubed.blogspot.com.au - 752
Delivering change

We need to develop a strong base of skills in middle management More and more companies are being hard pressed to find and retain top talent; coupled with this is the need to put together the right team for the project.

| EarthPM: At the intersection of Green (or even better - Sustainability) and Project Management

We love community learning, collaboration - even between sometimes-competitors. We've written about this before, using GreenTouch.org as an example. What fantastic accomplishments they've achieved, despite being a consortium of customers, competitors, and suppliers. Read about that in previous postings or as covered in one of our presentations.

Sep 18, 2013 - eight2late.wordpress.com - 675
Eight to Late

Introduction Successful management consultants are often seen as experts and trendsetters in the business world. The best among them are able to construct convincing narratives about their expertise and experience, thereby gaining the trust of senior managers in large organisations. Have you ever wondered how they manage to pull this off?

Sep 18, 2013 - freakyprojects.com - 742

DSDM Atern bygger på: Modellen er som du måske vil se (!) meget skalerbar, og kan fungere med både helt små enkle projekter, såvel som store komplekse projekter. Jeg har lavet en lidt fordansket version af DSDM Atern til en større dansk virksomhed, som kan bruges til inspiration og forståelsesramme.

Sep 18, 2013 - hennyportman.wordpress.com - 904
Henny Portman's Blog

I'll be taking part in the first ever project management 'flashblog'. More than 60 project management bloggers will be writing their thoughts on the title 'What does project management mean to me - a Project Manager's sermon'. All blogs will be published simultaneously on 25th September at 1am GMT.

Sep 18, 2013 - herdingcats.typepad.com - 791
Herding Cats

There's a post on a Deltek implementation partner site about applying Earned Value. It has some good advice, but the premise of the starting point needs to be addressed. Before going on to suggest things to do on a project using EVM, it's best to have one of those don't do stupid things on purpose discussions.



Sep 18, 2013 - pmvstheworld.squarespace.com - 666

En los últimos meses han entrado 4 personas nuevas a hacer parte de monoku, esto no es algo común en la oficina y al ser una empresa pequeña, nuestro "protocolo de recibimiento" es algo que varía mucho, no es rígido pero tampoco está muy pulido y aunque para mí es agradable que no sea algo cuadriculado, siento que es demasiado importante darle una guía clara de su rol, a cada persona nueva.

How to Manage a Camel - Project Management and Recruitment

Project management and recruitment news from Arras People

Sep 18, 2013 - ivanrivera-pmp.blogspot.mx - 799
Ivan Rivera, PMP

Siguiendo la línea del Post anterior, ahora del blog de ProjectManger vamos a revisar 4 tipos de Informes de Proyectos. El Administrador del Proyecto constantemente escicha una pregunta: ¿Puedo tener ese informe antes del lunes? Tal vez lo pregunta el patrocinador del proyecto o su oficina de proyectos, o un colega.

Sep 18, 2013 - journalofaprojectmanager.blogspot.co.uk - 866
Journal of a Project Manager

It seemed filled with issues.

Sep 29, 2013 - juggling-sand.blogspot.co.uk - 761
Juggling Sand

If you work in the best interests of the organisation, then that will be noticed. People will try to do you over from time to time (think daily) but if you're working in the best interests of the organisation, then they'll be seen for what they are.

Still enough time to join in so if you are interested get in touch!

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  1. Great idea! I’m interested.


  2. Just to be clear, 0100 GMT on the 25th is going to be 8-midnight on the 24th in CONUS. If you want everything on the 25th, you might consider 12noon GMT


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  5. Looking forward to publishing a podcast episode on this. Working on it right now!

    Thanks Shim for this great initiative.

    Cesar Abeid


  6. Hi Shim,
    This sounds like fun!
    I think I’ve got something to contribute. My blog is here: blog.qualityprojectdelivery.com
    All the best,


  7. Shim,
    I love the idea. Count me in.
    Mark Phillipy


  8. Shim,
    Sounds like one crazy idea. Love to join, if there is time/room.

    Neil A Walker (@PPMpractitioner)


  9. Hi Shim, great idea! Count on me!
    My blogs are: http://www.projectmanagers.org and http://www.projectdirectors.org
    I will write two articles, one from a Project Manager perspective and the other from a Project Director perspective.
    All the best,
    Angel Berniz

    P.D.: …one question: Does the theme proposed mean the required ‘post title’?


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  13. Dear Shim,

    Great initiative! We only recently started our PM blog (http://www.everestmanager.com/blog/) but would love to join.

    Kind regards,
    Peter Storm


  14. Hi Shim,

    We are in – what a grand idea and one that has surely caught the attention of those around #pmot, #pmchat and well beyond – no small feat! The PM-Partners blog is at http://www.pmpartners.co.uk/project-management-resources/blog/default.asp, and our author is Steve Butler, PMP (@SteveButlerPMP).

    What an exciting venture – look forward to being a part of it.


  15. Hi Shim,
    We are in – what a grand idea and one that has surely caught the attention of those around #pmot, #pmchat and well beyond – no small feat! The PM-Partners blog is at http://www.pmpartners.co.uk/project-management-resources/blog/default.asp, and our author is Steve Butler, PMP (@SteveButlerPMP).

    What an exciting venture – look forward to being a part of it.


  16. Hi Shim: I’d like to participate if there’s still time to submit.


  17. Would love to participate – please sign me up!


  18. Four days to go. I wonder how everyone’s going with their sermons/rants/stories…


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  27. Hello Shim,

    Great Idea !!
    Am I late to join the party ??

    I am in, if the doors are still open.
    My blog: http://www.pmbody.com/


    • Hi Amir, thanks for reaching out.

      The first PMFlashBlog has taken place on 25th Sep and there are now some discussions around the viability of having another one. I’ll add your details to the distribution list for future communications.

      Cheers, Shim.


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