Any good business manager knows that the secret to success is a team that is focused, positive and productive.  But it is important to understand that productivity doesn’t come automatically with long hours spent at the office or sitting at a desk.  In fact, employees can sit at a desk from nine to five but accomplish very little. 

Unfortunately, many businesses fail to improve their team’s productivity because managers simply do not understand the current state of play.  Yes, productivity is a direct result of a well-prepared team and a staff that knows what it’s doing.  However, productivity is also a direct result of a team that is respected and led by a manager that is all in.  Here are some project management techniques that can help boost overall productivity and have a positive effect on the company’s bottom line.

Leading by example

Project managers send a message to their team through every action and statement that they make, which is why it is important to lead by example.  Setting a strong example for the rest of the team will lead to the success of the company.  Team members often look to their managers for inspiration, advice and motivation.

Consider the objectives

It isn’t a secret that keeping team members motivated and productive is a challenge.  Project managers should focus on communicating objectives for the team rather than defining individual roles.  Now is the time to assess key aspects of every project and what the timeline is.  Engage the team as much as possible so that they not only know that their input counts, but also what is expected.

Everyone is accountable

No one ever said that project managers and team members couldn’t be equals.  Project managers must hold themselves accountable and play by the same rules of engagement that they require of team members.  In fact, this is a golden rule in the business world.  The most effective and successful project managers aren’t afraid to admit that they have made a mistake.

Offer clear guidelines

Managers can kiss productivity good-bye if they haven’t laid out clear guidelines to the staff.  Trusting the team to make the right choices and provide top-notch work is admirable, but if they aren’t sure of what management needs or wants, it could prove tricky.  An effective technique to keep everyone on the same page is to review goals frequently, analyze successful past approaches and discuss preferred outcomes in regular, but efficient team meetings.

Outsource the small stuff

There is nothing more unproductive than doing something that doesn’t really need to get done.  This isn’t to say that data entry, crunching numbers and other smaller tasks aren’t essential, because they are.  However, it may be well worth outsourcing certain projects so that key team members can focus on critical projects.

Celebrate contributions

No one likes to go unrecognized, so effective project managers should be able to recognize individual contributions and celebrate them.  Generally referring to the “team’s performance” can actually de-motivate the staff and cause productivity levels to decrease.  Go ahead and recognize those key members who have made a difference – it will motivate the rest!

Author’s Bio: Dave Stephenson is a dedicated internet blogger that loves to write about business and lifestyle.  The post above is written to provide great information for team leaders and project managers on boosting productivity. For more information on outsourcing projects please see how Media Whiz can help at

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