I don’t give much credence to expert’s predictions as I find most of them… predictable or ridiculous (or both)….much along the lines of reading the weekly astrological forecasts. Be that as it may it is incumbent on me to use my own predictive power and make some obvious predictions myself.

So, here we go:

  1. The Standish Report will report a 70% – 90% projects’ failure rate;
  2. Australian Federal and State ombudsmen will deliver investigative reports demonstrating gross negligence in the financial management of major infrastructure projects, costing billions of dollars;
  3. No politician will confess to being incompetent;
  4. Smoking will continue to be a major contributing factor for the death of thousands of people;
  5. Financial uncertainty will continue to impact economies around the world;
  6. Gap between the very rich and very poor will continue to grow;
  7. Religion conservatism will continue to block the rights of gays to legally marry in the majority of advanced western democracies;
  8. Japan will continue to kill whales for scientific purposes in the southern sea;
  9. Women in the west will continue buying more and more shoes while women and children in Africa continue dying of hunger and diseases;
  10. Russia and China will continue to object to any attempts to bring peace and stability to Syria;
  11. Israel will continue to be the single most contributing factor to instability in the Middle East and the world (at least according to the BBC).

Happy New Year folks, I will verify my predictions towards the end of the year.

Think about it!

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  16. Love the comment about the standish report, that is a very funny and true comment 🙂 I should have added that to my own list of predictions for project management in 2013, which can be found here http://strikingprojectmanagement.com/project-management-prediction-2013/


  17. Hi Shim, thanks for your reply. I enjoy your blog also and have subscribed to your RSS. I look forward to seeing your comments on my Blog also 🙂


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