I totally resent the fact that although I have already collected 72 PDUs in the current ‘PDU Cycle’, none of the surplus PDUs I have collected can be transferred in lieu of the next cycle. The result is that bad planning on my behalf is going to ‘cost’ me 12 hours of effort that I mistakenly thought would go towards my future allocation.

The good news is that although the PDU market place is saturated with providers willing, ready and happy to sell their PDU earning services, some for a hefty fee, there are also organizations that provide this service absolutely free.

I have just finished listening to a series of PDU earning webcasts, generously provided for FREE by IAG Consulting. Their On Demand Webcasts page features 10 webcasts that can earn you 12 PDUs, as listed below:

Thanks IAG Consulting for providing this service, it is much appreciated.

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  7. Surely that doesn’t matter as you are collecting PDUs as a byproduct of learning and growing, rather than as the goal. All they are is confirmation you are continually getting better at what you do. 🙂


    • You’re posing an interesting question. Is the collection of PDUs a reflection of my need to learn and grow or merely a means to an end – i.e. acquiring enough points to sustain my PMP certification?

      So what is the answer: Honestly, my journey of learning and growing would not have included some of the measures I take to acquire PDUs. I spend considerable of time reviewing, reading, responding to and writing about matters that touch on PMP areas. The quest for collecting PDUs is primarily accreditation driven and thus, in response to your just query, it is largely the goal.

      Is that wrong? And if so, am I unique?

      Cheers, Shim.


      • We all have to be realistic when it comes to the reasons behind collecting PDUs – of course we want to develop our PM skills and enhance our career prospects but, I agree with you Shim, we’re driven to PDUs to maintain our professional credentials – anyone who says otherwise is pulling the wool over their own eyes IMO. But maintaining credentials shows a commitment to the profession of project management and that’s no bad thing…


        • Thanks Michelle, you’re spot on. While the majority of us are on the PDU trail to maintain our professional credentials, the act itself certainly shows commitment (both personal and professional) to maintain one’s knowledge in the project management domain.


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  9. Maybe then the issue is that continuing PMP certification is onerous and not closely enough related to PM roles and career paths. Mine is to retain chartered marketer status and we have lots of flexibility so that our continuing development is useful and interesting no matter what branch of marketing we are working in and aiming for.:-)


    • Jo ann, I’m not suggesting the the process is onerous but rather that it is not sufficiently flexible to take into account my personal preferences in advancing my learning process at a faster pace than their PDUs allow me to. Most of my learning and attempt at personal growth is done irrespective of my PMP certification. Given however that this process is also used to formalise my certification it would be nice if both needs are in sync such that extra effort I put in is also recorded such that is takes care of my future PDU needs – think of it as a PDU savings deposit account. If my circumstances allow me to deposit more today there’s no reason why it can’t or won’t be able to serve me later on when my capacity for training might be lower.


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  21. On my site http://pdu4free.com I listed IAG along with other nice sites that will help you to get free pdus.

    Best Regards,


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