G’day folks

As we celebrate Australia Day here down under I thought it would be a great opportunity to acknowledge the contribution of OZ bloggers to the on-going discussions around project management.

Having followed these bloggers, via their respective blogs, for quite some time now, I can honestly say that although they are but a few, their contribution to public debate and distribution of experience and knowledge is substantial.

So here they are (in no particular order), and if you are not following their blogs already, take this opportunity to explore their vast writing and follow them in the future:

  1. Craig Brown’s Better Projects
  2. Kailash Awati’s Eight to Late
  3. Paul Culmsee’s Clever Work Around
  4. Stephen Duffield’s Invicta Projects
  5. Pat Weaver and Linda burne’s Mosaic
  6. James Pierce and Nigel Dalton’s Luna Tractor
  7. The Team from Anecdote
  8. Matthew (Matt) Hodgson’s Matt’s Musings

Wishing you all a wonderful Australia Day


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  9. Whooohooo! New PM bloggers to follow!


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