Jerry Bishop from The Higher ED CIO published recently a post titled “Bad Behaviors Negate Good Leadership Traits” in which he discussed some observations having read “Why CEO’s Fail: The 11 Behaviors That Can Derail Your Climb to The Top”.

 Based on the book, Jerry summarises the 11 bad behaviors, as follows:

  1. Arrogance: You’re right and everyone else is wrong
  2. Melodrama: You always grab the center of attention
  3. Volatility: Your mood shifts are sudden and unpredictable
  4. Excessive Caution: The next decision you make may be your first
  5. Habitual Distrust: You focus on the negative
  6. aloofness: You disengage and disconnect
  7. Mischievousness: You know that the rules are only suggestions
  8. Eccentricity: It’s fun to be different just for the sake of it
  9. Passive Resistance: Your silence is misinterpreted as agreement
  10. Perfectionism: You get little things right while the big things go wrong
  11. Eagerness to Please: You want to win any popularity contest

What I liked the most about this post is Jerry’s observation that the above reasons of leadership failure are universal in their nature and apply to any leadership position, not just CEOs. It is therefore incumbent on anyone in a leadership role (and that includes Project Managers) to study these factors and take personal corrective or mitigating actions to prevent them from affecting their performance.

Think about it!

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  7. I couldn’t agree more with this article. The 11 reasons listed above would cause any type of leadership to fail. As a project manager, something that needs to be recognized is the fact that completing the project is a team effort. Everyone plays a specific part in making everything happen. As a leader, it’s our jobs to listen to all opinions, focus on the positive, promote teamwork, and offer praise where needed to help promote the morale of the team.


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