I am often asked by colleagues and friends to explain my motivation behind writing this blog. Their argument is as follows: The blog seems to target topics that touch on project management, but only just. While other project management blogs focus on core issues like PMP Exams, Earned Value Management, Scope Management, etc., my blog could seem to an outside observer as being all over the place. I, too, write about core project management topics, but I also address areas of knowledge that are not necessarily unique to project management but can be applied to project management. Topics that fall into this grey area would include discussions about Social Media, Multi-tasking, Psychological aspects of decision-making, and others.

I had to give this some thought as the answer did not seem to present itself to me intuitively.

The conclusion I reached, which I am personally happy with, is as follows:

While a large number of authors out there write to project managers, I write to people who happen to be project managers. What do I mean in that? Writing a blog is a conversational journey. I want the messages I broadcast via my blog to be universal, as much as practically possible, such that they will appeal to the reader via their own individual personality and not because of their professional orientation. While other writers target the professional side of their readers, and without diminishing the value of their effort, I want to communicate at a personal level that is beyond the profession and therefore much more difficult to disseminate than dry project management functions.

Whether I do a good job or not is not for me to judge but I hope the above clarifies why I do what I do and how it is reflected in my writing.

Think about it!

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  7. Shim,

    I appreciate what you write about. Keep up the good work!


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