Ty Kiisel discusses in his blog some methods for increasing the likelihood of project success. One of the suggestions he makes is to engage the team in resources (and by implication – time) estimation. This is clearly a good idea. The slight issue I have with Ty is that he makes the incorrect observation (and  by implication a suggestion) that this is a technique unique to SCRUM and Sprint Planning.

Involving the appropriate stakeholders (including team members) in project planning is part and parcel of every good project planning. In the context of project planning, involving the people who will actually do the work, and other relevant Subject Matter Experts, is part of the ABC of the planning process.

The only reason I take an issue with the above assertion is because of the apparent tendency by some to make tacit implications regarding the validity and completeness of existing contemporary disciplines, implying they lack in coverage and completeness. Many of the methods and steps taken as part of SCRUM/Agile related projects are identical (in concept) to the ones used in ‘traditional’ projects. That they also happen to be used in Agile projects is nothing but a testimony to their generic validity and strength regardless of the underlying project philosophy.

Think about it!

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