David Gurevich, the owner of the PM ExamGuide has nominated quantmleap as one of The 25 Best Project Management Blogs.

In his blog, David says the following:

Being a great project manager isn’t easy. But the top blogs selected for this award aren’t just by talented project managers – they’re by those who also know how to communicate very well.

These blogs stand out as the best in project management.

I find it a great honour to be included in the same list with what I perceive to be some of the best project management related blogs in the world. I am particularly proud to be associated with blogs like Glen’s Herding Cats, kailash’s Eight to Late, and Patrick’s The Hard-Nosed Project Manager.

Some of the blogs on the list are new to me and I will examine them now alongside many others I review on a regular basis using my reader.

Writing and maintaining a blog is a personal and professional challenge. Being reconized for this effort is flattering and an additional motivation to try and do even better.

So thanks David for selecting my blog, it is much appreciated.

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