I’m about to embark on an uncontrolled rant. and it’s NOT about project management. It is rather about politics.

Like many around the world I’ve been watching the unfolding events in the Middle East, as thousands of people got the courage to march in the streets, demanding to get back that small piece of liberty we (well actually not all of us) – at least those of us living in that side of the world colloquially known as the WEST – seem to take for granted.

With the forces of liberation in Libya on a major retreat and the regimes in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia taking concrete measures to crush any further popular uprising, one cannot but wonder what value system do “our” leaders follow, one that prevents them from taking some concrete, measurable and decisive actions, all in line with that value system.

That none of the Europeans countries has embarked on any tangible measures is not surprising. The real surprise is the lack of leadership from the United States. A country whose very existence is a living symbol of freedom, human rights, freedom of speech, etc. cannot afford to be indecisive when matters of core values need to be addressed.

One has to wonder whether America has lost its way. This great nation which once led the free world on its battle with tyranny is now nothing but a shadow of its past greatness.  Unless Americans and American policy makers take corrective action and show that decisiveness and determination, once so prominent in American foreign policy, we in the countries still called the “West”, will have no further moral ground nor would we be able to demand high moral ground from those countries whose governments and regimes shamelessly subjugate their citizens in the most cunning and brutal way.


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