Two things I really dislike:

  • Office open space
  • Multi-tasking

If I had extraterrestrial dictatorial powers (which luckily I don’t), I would promptly abolish them both!

Oh, and there’s one more thing: People using their mobile/cellular phones on public transport. Don’t you wish they got struck by a massive lightning?

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  5. Just 2 or 3 things? My list goes on forever!!! And I mean that!
    About open workspaces: I had my own office for a time. Then we moved and we all worked in an open space. I hated it as much as one can hate anything but…
    …although I still need my own space from time to time, I have to confess that I now find the pros surplussing the cons.
    Then again, I still need my own space from time to time. Maybe time sharing offices can do the trick?
    Keep on the good work on your blog.



    • Hi Luis, I guess my list could go forever as well but I wanted to apply some personal restraints. The two I chose are on top of my list because although they are a massive nuisance they are (at least in principle) easily resolved.

      Thanks again for your encouraging words.

      Cheers, Shim.


  6. Oh no Shim,

    I dream of an open office, I am stuck in a box and hate it, how do I collaborate effectively in a team if I’m stuck in a box? Right now I’m in my office and feel as though i’ve lost a limb and am having to adjust to managing from afar – not easy – and very hard to keep a finger on the pulse. Perhaps the grass is always greener, for my money with a mid sized teams an open office really helps with communications and makes a managers jobs so much easier.

    Please don’t take Multi Tasking away from me, if I didn’t have the preverbal back burner so many of my larger problems would never get solved. I cannot count the amount of time “parking” a problem task and running with another has led to major break-throughs with the initial task by having the problem simmering on the back burner…

    I’ll see your phones on public transport, and raise you phones in meetings!

    Keep up the blogging,


    • Hey Andy, great to hear from you.

      As usual, valid points, reminding me that there’s never only one truth, never.

      I can see your point regarding the ‘open office’ issue. When teams are co-located in an open space environment there’s a greater ability to communicate and collaborate. The open space environments I’ve been exposed to in recent years were such that multiple project teams were closely located, thus conversations across the low dividers (if any existed at all) could be easily heard across a wide area. So what one team might call a ‘conversation’ for the next door team would sound like ‘noise’.

      As far as multi-tasking is concerned, you being a disciplined individual could probably get away with some level of multi-tasking, having taught yourself to manage your time and tasks in a productive way. The research suggests (and I’ve got quite a number of references) that for most people this is not the case. I wonder, while you allow yourself the luxury of multi-tasking, would you recommend or encourage your team members to engage in such task diversity?

      I’m happy we agree on the phones on public transport and more than happy to take your meetings challenge as well.

      What about corrupt and useless politicians?

      Cheers, Shim.


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