My own observation is that with the proliferation of project management and other professional related blogs it is sometimes difficult to tell the forest from the trees. It takes time to produce regular blog output and I certainly appreciate the massive effort and time investment by the many bloggers out there, all attempting to bring our further intellectual dimensions into the public domain.

Let’s face it. It is difficult to remain innovative and cutting edge, and some public discourse slides towards the mandate, the obvious and the trivial.

It is in this context that I’ve come across a fascinating debate (many thanks to Craig Brown for sharing this with me) that deals with the very core of what blogging should be about.

The story, in short, is as follows:

Steve McConnell of contributed a chapter to a new book, dealing with the issue of “Productivity Variations Among Developers and Teams: The Origin of ‘10x’.” In his contribution he focused on research that supports the claim that there is a 10 fold difference in productivity between good and bad programmers.

Now the story got interesting as Laurent Bossavit published a critique in his website (French, and English translation), where he basically analyzed each of the supporting references used by Steve and provided a critical analysis questioning Steve’s conclusions.

I haven’t spent enough time or effort on this issue and I don’t really know which one of the opposing claims I would support. That’s not my point here. The point is that two writers engaged in an intellectual and critical analysis in an attempt to bring out a particular view-point. In their pursuit of knowledge they have referred to other sources and they got engaged in an analytical activity aimed at substantiating their understanding of reality.

This is thrilling stuff. This is the sort of public interaction we desperately need, contrary to the single dimensionality that can be found in many writing endeavours.  If we all write about the same things and agree with each other than we’re all missing the point. Disagreement and public discussion is the key to increased awareness and better understanding of ones own thoughts.

Think about it!

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