If you promise you will do something by a certain date and realize half way through that you can’t make it, please let me know. Don’t wait until the last minute as it will most likely affect other people and it takes time to reschedule material delivery and contractors’ time.


If I send you a message requesting information or assistance, don’t ignore it, I know you’re busy (I’m actually busy too) but there’s always time to be courteous and send a reply (any reply) – please manage my expectations and at least let me know when you’ll be able to respond with a proper reply


Don’t assume that just because I’m the project manager it is “my problem”. The truth is that if you are part of the team then it is YOUR problem too. We’re all in it together and if the project fails it is a reflection on each and every one of us, not just ME.


Don’t be a bully; it doesn’t resonate well with me, or with others. Chances are you’ll get a much better response from others if you treat them with respect.

Time Manaement

Don’t come and see me every time you need information. It disrupts my schedule and forces me to divert my attention to you. If it is not urgent, send me an e-mail. I promise I will respond. If I’m very busy I will at least provide you with an indication when a more detailed response will be due.

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