imageIf you live anywhere else in the world but Australia there is very little chance you will have heard of Donny Ryder.

Comes to think of it, even in Australia, you might have some difficulties remembering where and how you have come across his name.

I never met Donny Ryder. I live in Melbourne, which is (for those of you living in the Northern Hemisphere) in the southern part of Australia. Donny used to live in the Alice Springs area, which is in the Northern Territory of Australia.

‘Used to live’ is the operative word here. Donny was killed in July 2009 by five drunk, white Australians, who took it upon themselves to abuse and terrorize the local Aboriginal community.

I was hoping to be able to introduce these fine gentelmen to the world by publishing their photos on display here but alas their photos are no where to be found. Their names, however, are:

  • Glen Swain – a trainee pest exterminator
  • Tim Hird – a cabinetmaker
  • Joshua Spears – an animal lover (?!)
  • Scott Doody – an air-conditioning mechanic
  • Anton Kloeden – a boilermaker

It is interesting to note that in delivering the sentences (of 12 months to six years), the Northern Territory Chief Justice Brian Martin in the Supreme Court in Alice Springs, made the following ludicrous statement, when he described Ryder’s death as at “the lower end of seriousness of the crime of manslaughter”.

I was hinting in an earlier post at the prevailing problem of intolerance, impatience and narrow mindedness that seem to occur, on a small scale in project spheres, but on a much larger scale in the general population.

We can’t change it but we damn sure can say we don’t like it.

And this is my small  and insignificant contribution to the fight against intolerance and racial injustice.

Cheers mate.

Epilogue: The ABC’s Four Corners dedicated a program, titled “Dog Act” to Rony Ryder’s senseless killing. Thanks to that program I can now publish the pictures of Rony’s killers:

Check out the following articles for additional information:

  • Alice Online » Unexplored corners – Last night’s Four Corners episode on the death of Donny Ryder and the subsequent trial and imprisonment of the five young Alice Springs men responsible for his death was riveting and moving television. In gathering interviews with “the …
  • The Tale of Denis Donohue… and Donny Ryder at slackbastard – The sale of the merchandise follows the July 25 death of Donny Ryder, an Aboriginal trainee ranger, aged 33. Mr Ryder was walking home along an Alice Springs back street when a group of five white youths aged 19-24 allegedly alighted …
  • Trouble at Alice – Donny Ryder, who was found with a fatal head wound near Todd River in Alice Springs. The arrests of five young white men over the death of Donny Ryder have battered Alice Springs’s reputation for racial tolerance, reports Helen Womack. The lives of five young white men have been ruined.
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  3. The world is full of injustices, racially motivated or otherwise.


  4. Patrick Richard


    It is sad that in this day and age the life of some human being is not valued as much as the life of others. I guess some people are “more equal than others”…

    Patrick Richard ing., PMP


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