imageI’ve referred in an earlier post to the fact that Collaboration is an attitude, not a tool. I was pleasantly surprised then to come across an interesting article in titled “Creating Collaboration Takes More Than Technology“.

The article, by Evan Rosen, suggests that where some organizations chase up the introduction of collaboration tools as an end in itself, the real purpose of introducing collaboration is (yes you guessed it) to CREATE VALUE.

So what if the tools got introduced and no tangible value can be realized as a return? The answer is rather simple. The tools themselves cannot bring in the desired value, unless the the organization is ‘collaboration ready’. All the tools do is create a potential for value creation. Actualizing this potential is dependent on the organization putting in place the appropriate and correct culture and processes.

Given the influx of posts promoting the use of social media and collaboration tools, it is most certainly worthwhile remembering that organizations that failed with their collaborative approach before the introduction of the tools are not more likely to succeed in their collaboration effort after having the tools introduced. Collaboration is not tools’ dependent and lacks technological sensitivity. If you want your organization to better collaborate make damn sure you encourage cultural and behavioral change, one that is not dependent on the tools but rather on the attitude and the approach.

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