As mentioned in an earlier post I’ve taken upon myself to become an active player in Project Management related discussions, primarily by being involved in and commenting on other bloggers’ posts.

In line with the above, I’ve had a very productive week, having commented on 18 fellow posts, with the most intriguing ones being the following:

  1. Pat Weaver – The illusion of control: dancing with chance
  2. Christopher Butcher – Successful Software Projects Are Miraculous
  3. Glen B. Alleman –  Using Social Media to Help Manage Projects?
  4. Glen B. Alleman – Seven Deadly Sins of Project Scheduling
  5. Craig Brown – local optimization
  6. Samad Aidane – The “Chaos Report” Myth Busters
  7. Glen B. Alleman – PM 2.0 ? Agile, But What Is PM 2.0?
  8. Josh Milane – The Myth of Project Managementthis one is a real funny one!!!
  9. Barney Austen – Keeping an eye on the big three
  10. Geoff Crane – Garbage In, Garbage Out. Haven’t We Learned That Yet?
  11. Todd C. Williams – Process Stifles Creativity

Hope you enjoy reading the above articles and contribute to some of the hottest debates in PM blog-land.

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  5. Shim,

    I read your post and I had to read Josh Milane – The Myth of Project Management.

    Here is the comment I wrote to that post. I hope we get a response from PMHut:

    Dear PMHut,

    I am with Shim here.

    Is this real?

    I mean, I respect this opinion if it this is for real and would like to converse.

    If it is a joke, then it is a funny take on project management.

    One more question: I noticed that there has been no response to Shim’s question since march 23 and I am just curious to know if the author is interested in a conversation or if this is just a one way communication.

    Thank you.


    • Hi Samad, I just checked on the status of your comment to the The Myth of Project Management and, as I suspected, no replies. I find this disappointing on a number of levels:
      1. There is certain aspect of carelessness in posting an article without following up and responding to readers’ comments and queries.
      2. It highlights a greater issue with the state of our ‘blog-land’. I am following quite a number of blogs using my Google Reader. One thing I noticed is that although quite a few posts get referenced in Tweets, in quite a few cases that’s all they get. They get mentioned but they don’t actually get addressed. That’s why I’ve taken upon myself in recent weeks to be personally and directly involved in discussions taking place not just in my blog but also in others. If we each look only after own little back yard we will be missing the great opportunity we have to make a difference to other people’s lives and ideas.
      3. I am still having cases where comments I post on other blogs are stuck in moderation for weeks. In one specific blog (which I will not name and shame here) my comments never got published because, most likely, the author of this blog doesn’t take the trouble to check and correspond back with his/her readers. I find this very disappointing.

      The lack of response from PM Hut is disappointing (to say the least) but I will most certainly keep on responding and commenting on their posts for the benefit of our professional knowledge base.

      Cheers, Shim.


  6. Shim,

    I agree. It is indeed frustrating. The appeal of these blogs is that we can have a conversation. That’s what makes this medium interesting. If we all turn our blogs to a one way communication tools, then we are not really averaging the power of this medium and totally missing the point behind them.

    I made it my policy to never comment on blogs where the blogger is not active in responding to comments. And I never comment again on a blog if see there is no interest on the part of the blogger to have a conversation. It is just a waste of my time otherwise.

    Thank you for taking the time to to engage in all these conversations and sharing your thought leadership. I know it take a lot of time to write content for your own blog as well as contribute to create rich conversation on other blogs. This on top of your day job. So just know that I do appreciate all your efforts and contribution to my blog.

    I look forward to continuing our conversations.




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  9. Twitter Comment

    RT @shim_marom: quantmleap: My weekly contribution to Project Management related debates [link to post] #pmot #ftpm #pm

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