Deciphering the  complexities associated with a well constructed Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) could be well hidden from the uninitiated. After all, what can be so complex about listing a number of activities that need to be followed in order to achieve a particular objective. Well, herein lies the problem. Despite the popular belief a WBS is not a task list and its primary constituents are not mere activities.

The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) expands a lot of effort on emphasizing the importance of the WBS. The importance and criticality associated with creating the WBS can be deduced from the fact that it is an activity that is carried out in closed proximity (from a PMBOK process perspective) to the identification of the stakeholders’ needs and the development of a detailed description of the project and product (the project’s scope).

imageHaving been created, the WBS gets further utilized as part of subsequent activities associated with a number of Process Groups including Time Management, Cost Management, Quality Management, etc.

It is in the above context that I reviewed a product called “WBS Coach” (Click here to visit WBS Coach), produced by Josh Nankivel from It is aimed at providing guidance and help in establishing best practice approach for creating and maintaining WBS in a correct and effective way. Recognizing the fact the people are different in their learning preferences, the WBS Coach consists of a combination of learning tools including video, audio and text; all combined in a way that delivers the information in the most effective way.

The package I reviewed covered all aspects of creating a good WBS and provided the necessary details to explain the methodological background associated with it. With a current price tag of $39.99 this product is an excellent value for money, so if you are an aspiring project manager, preparing for the PMP Exam or in an urgent need for polishing up and fine-tuning your WBS creation skills then this product is for you.

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