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I’m getting a bit overwhelmed with all the commotion regarding PM 2.0. If PM 2.0 is the love child of Web 2.0 I wonder what will PM 3.0 look like. Not that I believe this will have any bearing on projects’ success rate, but hey, PM 2.0 seems to make many consultants happy, so surely they will be even happier when PM 3.0 comes across.

If you really feel like knowing what Web 3.0 is all about check out the following link: http://www.labnol.org/internet/web-3-concepts-explained/8908/.

Some additional recommended reading re. Web 2.0:

  • why web2.0 matters: preparing for glocalization – recently, i found myself needing to explain web2.0. unfortunately, here’s a term that has been hyped up in all sorts of ways with no collectively understood definition. the web2.0 conference talks about the web as a platform, …
  • A Quick Web 2.0 Glossary – All that fuzz over the term ‘Web 2.0’ has reduced it to a mere buzzterm, a misnomer without clear intention. Heck, even ‘buzzterm’ and ‘buzzword’ got caught in the crossfire as innocent, …
  • Web 2.0 | The Journey Of The Web,- 1.0, 2.0 And Now 3.0 – Not many are aware of the history of the internet, especially since we have now gotten so prone to the interactive websites that have been flocking our browsers.
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